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Things You Should Avoid Doing Close to the Garage Door

10/17/2013 Back To Blog

Nowadays, human relations have changed and the old protocol of formalities when people were gathering at homes has ceased to exist. People want to enjoy every part of their home without caring about stains and high traffic on the living room. For this reason, they have expanded their homes and use their garages as activity rooms or the place they meet with friends or have their computers. Though, if you want to enjoy this room as much as the rest of your house, you should take care of some matters and you must always keep in mind that the mechanism of the garage doors may become very dangerous, especially if it's unattended.

The most important don'ts for your garage door

  • Don't use the garage door parts any place else and remember that springs are not meant to be a horizontal bar for your daily exercises and some parts may revenge you for turning your back to them. There is always the possibility of injuries, if you get too close or misuse them, and there is certainly a big possibility that you will cause problems to some parts or the whole mechanism.
  • If you insist on doing your own repair services and believe you can manage broken spring replacement, at least do yourself a favor and get some information about the right procedures from experts at garage door repair Tualatin or the web.
  • You must never leave the kids unattended in the garage and you must never trust them with the remote controls. The last thing you want is to transform the garage door into a game and, hence, you must teach them its dangers from a very early age.
  • Don't park your car out of your house because there are car thieves everywhere in Oregon and you cancel the purpose of the garage.
  • Don't leave the door open without a specific reason, especially if you step away from your garage.
  • Don't rely on the protection provided by the mechanism for the overall home security and constantly update the system and make security improvements on your property.
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