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Garage Door Springs

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Garage Door SpringsAt Garage Door Repair Tualatin, broken spring repair is one of our specialties. In fact, we are an emergency garage door company in Tualatin. Our customers come to us because they know they can trust us to deliver reliable same day service when they need an urgent repair. Our licensed garage door contractors are available year round, 24/7 for your convenience. No spring repair is too big or too small for us.


Garage door opener and installation

A garage door opener is an important part of your door system. This mechanism allows you to easily open and close the door. Since garage doors are heavy and difficult to maneuver, you will need the power of a door opener to help you in moving this unit. Like many motorized systems, you need to make sure that the opener is installed properly. When your opener is installed properly, you are assured that the system will function correctly and smoothly. If you fail, however, to have one installed properly, your unit becomes a safety hazard in your home. To ensure that your opener is installed correctly, you need the help of a professional service technician. It is not advisable to do the installation on your own, especially if you are not familiar with such devices.


Spring Repair Specialties

We can complete any broken spring repair you need at Garage Door Repair Tualatin. Our most common types of spring repair in Tualatin include:

  • Torsion spring repair
  • Extension springs repair
  • Broken spring replacement

If you experience any problems with your torsion spring in Tualatin, we can easily repair the mechanism for you. Torsion springs are found on heavier garage doors. We can also fix any problems that are associated with the extension springs that are found on lighter garage doors. Broken spring replacement is also one of our specialties. If you need us to replace torsion spring mechanisms or an extension spring, there is no need to worry—we always keep plenty of them in stock. We always perform repairs carefully so your safety will never be compromised.

Garage Door Repair Tualatin also offers a maintenance and adjustment program so garage spring problems can be prevented. If you take advantage of this program, you can find out early on if we need to fix garage door spring mechanisms. It will also be easier for us to replace torsion spring parts if the problem is found early. Garage door springs are our specialty, and we are committed to always delivering excellent customer service. The products we use are reliable, so you will also have peace of mind when you call us.

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