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Broken garage door opener chain repair

Garage Door OpenersA broken garage door opener chain makes your garage door system a safety hazard at home. Thus, you need to get this repaired right away. Openers make use of different types of drives to operate your garage door. A chain drive opener makes use of a chain and sprocket to open and close the door. On the other hand, belt drives make use of a belt to operate the door. Another type of opener makes use of a screw drive. If the chain breaks, it is not advisable to repair the chain on your own, as this part of your unit is under a lot of tension. If this manipulated by an untrained individual, serious accidents and injuries can happen. It is advisable to contact a professional service technician for broken garage door opener chain repair. These technicians are knowledgeable and skilled in handling this kind of opener repair. In addition, they are familiar and trained for the job. They can handle the task and do the job right.


We provide service 24X7 and by this we mean anytime of the day. A garage owner can call us anytime of the day if he experiences trouble with his garage doors and trust our trained workforce to arrive at his place within 24 hours of registering his complaint. We realize how important smooth functioning of garage doors is for a garage owner as the safety and security of cars of the household parked inside the garage are dependent upon the garage doors. Servicing garage door is our specialty and the residents of Tualatin know where to turn to in times of distress.

Garage doors openers are of different types such as chain drive, screw drive, and belt drive and no matter what drive is used in your opener, rest assured that our trained technicians will take good care of the opener and fix the problem in a short time period to your fullest satisfaction. There are lots of opener brands being used by the people of Tualatin such as Chamberlain, Craftsman, Sears, Genie, Liftmaster, Marantec etc and our technicians are fully trained to tackle all kinds of problems that may arise in garage openers.

We provide both regular as well as emergency services and no matter which part of the city your garage is situated, rest assured that your problem will be fixed in shortest time period. The service truck that takes our technicians to different destinations also carries accessories and parts of garage doors so that the job is done in a single visit and never do our technicians return for want of any accessories or parts.

Our garage door contractor also carries the extension spring

Garage door springs are often the culprit as constant use of garage doors create wear and tear in them making them to malfunction. Our technicians know when to carry out garage door spring repair and when to replace them totally. Our technicians are quick to pinpoint the problem in the springs and you can rest assured that their judgment to repair or replace is in your own interest all the time. Cable of the garage doors is also often responsible for doors not functioning smoothly.  Whether it is garage door off track or cable off track, our employees get to the root of the problem quickly and carry out the service or repair in the most satisfactory manner.

We are aware that people of Tualatin have a varied choice and get installed aluminum garage door, wooden garage door, and steel garage door. Our technicians know these doors inside out and provide excellent service in a short time. Residents of Tualatin have also started to install garage doors that are remotely operated. Often the remote stops functioning making it difficult for the owners, especially if they happen to be ladies. Our technicians are experienced to tackle the problems in garage door remote and fix the problem quickly.

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