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This is the place where information is shared. There are plenty of garage door repair FAQs. 

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Should I lubricate the garage door and its other parts?

Applying a lubricant such as WD40 can help prevent damages to your garage doors especially on the moving parts such as the rollers and hinges. As experts at Garage Door Repair Tualatin put it, during the lubrication process, there is also a need for you to check the garage door hardware parts since they tend to loosen over time.

How can I be assured that no accidents will happen with my garage door?

To ensure that no accidents will happen in your garage area, make sure that safety precautions are discussed among household members. No one should enter or stand by near a moving garage door. The door should not be played like it is a toy. Discussing rules and safety measures will help avoid accidents in the garage area.

Should I service my garage door often?

Garage door repair experts recommend servicing doors at least twice a year but again it depends on their usage. Large commercial places in the Tualatin area with huge garage doors that are used frequently in a day need to be serviced more often. A visual inspection once a week is ideal on both the door and the opener. Tighten the hinges and other loose hardware and lubricate with light oil, if required.

Is my spring properly balanced?

It's easy to check whether the garage door springs are properly adjusted. You just need to disconnect the automatic operation of the garage door opener and open the door manually halfway. The door should stay put! If it opens on its own or drops to the floor, you most definitely need to adjust the springs.

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