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Common Reason Why Your Garage Door Won’t Work

10/17/2013 Back To Blog

Your garage door is not just one component. There is a system involved. It has multiple mechanisms and parts that are designed to work together in order to achieve one goal, lift and close your door. If one are malfunctions it affects the rest of the system as a whole. There are a few common issues that many people face when their door is not working.

No Power Source

When garage doors are not working, look to the source. It is a common for most people to overlook the connection of the power source when their door is not working. Check to see if the motor is plugged into an outlet. If it is plugged in and you are still not getting any power, check the outlet itself. Plug in another device to make sure the outlet is working.

Photoelectric Sensor Blocked

Moderngarage door openers are equipped with a photoelectric sensor, or photo eye. This sensor detects when an individual or object is in the direct path of a closing garage door. If something is blocking the connection, as a safety precaution, the door will not close. Make sure there is nothing blocking the path of the sensor, including dirt. If so, gently clean it with a soft tissue.

Torsion Spring Broken

Broken garage door torsion springs can also prevent the door from working. These springs help lift the door and are designed to withstand a certain amount of cycles. Oncetheyexceed their usage, they usually snap, leaving the motor to do all of the work on its own. Unfortunately, a motor cannot lift a door all by itself. It’s not strong enough. There are companies that sell springs over the counter, but because of the dangers garage door repair Tualatin recommend having a qualified professional come out and do the job for you.

Broken Cable

Once the torsion spring breaks, usually the excessive amount of weight causes the garage door cable to snap as well. Just as previously suggested, consult an expert that has the training, tools, and expertise to replace.

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